Monday, August 1, 2011

FHE Monday: The First Vision ( 8-11 yr old children)

1st vision


This FHE makes the requirements for the faith in god and duty to god requirements! So let them do it!! :)

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: Joseph Smith’s First Prayer page 26 in Hymnal


Child is to read verses 1-20 of Joseph Smith History to the family then tell the family how they feel when they pray and how Heavenly Father answers their prayers.     for extra ideas !! 

Activity : see sugardoodle link!

Closing Song : On a Golden Springtime, Children’s Songbook page 88 ( don’t forget you can go to and the interactive music feature will help you with the words and music )

Closing Prayer:


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New Mother said...

I found this helpful. It came up when I searched preparation for helping my Faith in God girls put together a FHE kit they can use themselves to complete that goal in their booklets. Thanks.