Monday, August 22, 2011

Special Back to School FHE Monday


Welcome to the first official “post” on the Back to School Carnival here at LDS Parenting!! Hope you enjoy and I hope you join in! You can send anything school or learning related to !

This is the special Back to School FHE we will be doing tonight- even though my family homeschools, we still make it special!

Opening Prayer

Opening Song : your choice

Lesson:  Goals for the School Year

- Have family prayer daily before school

family prayer

- Understand and follow the the Gospel Standards, display them in your home!my gospel standards

-Here is a cute idea for keyring Gospel Standards they can carry in their backpack!

gospel standards keyring

-Make sure children know they can come to their parents with ANY problems they may have, school related or otherwise. Parents, talk to your children, most importantly though, LISTEN to them.

daughter and mother talking

- One of the most amazing gifts we have access to is the Priesthood. If you have a worthy father in your home who holds the Priesthood, have him give each child a father’s blessing , blessing the child for their school year. If you homeschool, make sure momma gets one too! If you do not have the Priesthood in your home, ask your home teachers, missionaries, or your Bishop.

fathers blessing

Closing song: your choice

Closing prayer

treat- have a fun school related treat- school bus shaped cake anyone? !!

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  1. Love it! It's what I was looking for. Thank you.


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