Monday, January 9, 2012

Beautiful Temple Prints for the Home


We are told to display pictures of temples and the Savior in our homes. I love that in my home we have beautiful pictures of these sacred things. It just makes your home feel comfortable and it makes it a haven. While searching for a new Nauvoo Temple print to hang in our dining room… I came across this amazing artist thru She not only paints beautiful pictures, but she donates 40% of the profit to the LDS Temple Patrons Fund. What a saint!!!! Unfortunately for me she doesn’t have the Nauvoo temple done yet, but she has plenty of others and her prices are amazing. This one at the top is Washington DC- where me and my parents and sister were sealed together. If you have time, go check her out, because what an amazing thing she is doing, using her talent and giving back.

Happy Parenting!

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{leah} said...

These prints are great! Thanks for sharing! {oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog!}