Monday, March 12, 2012

Overcoming Brushing Teeth Battles

Overcome Brushing Teeth Battles Guest Poster Heather over at was recently asked to pass this information along about getting kids to BRUSH THEIR TEETH!!! I know at my house my ten year old son thinks sometimes there are other more important things to do.. then I tell him about his friends who had to have surgery to pull like 8 teeth cause they were rotten!!! Heather has some awesome ideas and tips all over her adorable blog and you should defintely go visit her and also go visit!!! Without further ado... a post from Heather :)
I love this website I was introduced to recently. You can create tooth brushing charts that are personalized for each child. They also emphasis that children's names are not stored and you will not need to enter any contact information so your child will be safe. I think it's a great idea to keep both child and parent a physical reminder of good oral care. Those habits created when younger really stick so it's so important to make good ones. I just wish I could go back and brush better during my first pregnancy. It's so hard to brush when you are sick all day long and feel nauseous. I remember throwing up a few times because I started brushing my teeth. Woe is the pregnant lady! =) Anyway, moving forward I'm committing to do better and help my kids have healthy teeth and gums.

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