Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Family Challenge : Show and Tell with your Family !

Sarah from www.playwithyourfamily.com is hosting our May challenge!!!!! Her site is awesome!!!!! Go check it out! :) Here is the post for the month from Sarah!! :) Can't wait to hear everyone's ideas and what they did! Love, JL~ ********************************************* As the school year comes to an end I am wondering what new things I have learned this year. Have I gained a new skill, educated myself, become a better person? Being a mom and staying home to take care of kids it sure feels like I am falling behind in the rate I am progressing. My daughter basically learned a new language this year as all 1-2 year olds do. She also is learning to go potty by herself, get herself dressed, climb up very high objects, hold a pencil, count, get out of doing things with her cuteness, and trying to learn her colors. I am often jealous at how fun and easy it is for her to learn and progress. I wish I was still learning like that and having my eyes opened to the exciting world we live in That said, I think there are things we have accomplished this year (even if we have to dig deep) we can share with our family. So my challenge to all of you is to have a family show and tell night. I think I might make the absolutely wonderful and almost healthy chocolate chip cookies that I have perfected this year (I think I have perfected them because I can't go more than a few days without having a stash of them in my freezer for those moments when you just need a cookie). family show and tell
Your kids could share their favorite school project, play the piano piece they learned for recital, or show you how to dribble a soccer ball. Whatever their thing is this year, let them have a moment to be proud of their accomplishments.Suggestions for Family Show and Tell Night:
  • Make an invitation/ reminder for your kids with the day and time so they can be preparing what they will share with the family.
  • Invite grandma and grandpa or a neighbor family to your presentation.
  • Film your show and tell night. This is going to be memorable. ( I am hoping my husband will give us a dance party at the end which we always love to catch on video)
  • Have refreshments afterwards, or during if it is your talent.
  • Write an introduction for each member of your family that can be read before they show and tell. Mention some good choices they have made this year or reasons you are proud of them. Make them feel special.
Oh I am so excited to see all the ways this event can pull your family closer together. Make it a priority and I know you will not be disappointed. Please let us know how your show and tell night goes. I can't wait to see pictures about it and to see all the wonderful things your family has done this year.
May Family Challenge: Show and Tell Night With Your Family
Let us know how it goes by:
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