Saturday, June 9, 2012

June Family Network Challenge

When it was decided that we would have a "Family Summer Bucket List" theme for our challenge this month, I thought, Pish, easy-peasy! I'll just write up this cute little pooooost about all the cool things you can doooooo and it will be so greeeeeaaaat.

But then as I was Pinteresting one day, I realized that there were 872,902,523,165 other blogs that had written cute posts about summer bucket lists. And they all had way better pictures than I did.

So I changed my strategy.

Instead of writing out all these ideas that have already been written, I am providing a link list to a bunch of other blogs that already have bucket lists so you can gather ideas, then provide you with my personal Top Five List.

Don't give me that look! Of course we do more than five things every summer! Yeesh! But these are five new and different things! Because yes, we ride bikes and go to the zoo every summer.

Is that okay? Hopefully that's not cheating.

Because I'm not a cheater.

Unless I'm playing Skip-Bo with my mom. Then cheating becomes necessary. Seriously, she's a card shark.

If you know of other blogs with bucket lists, be sure to add them by linking them up!

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As I went around and collected all these sites that had such fun and creative ideas, I managed to accomplish two things.

1- To understand that I am the world's lousiest mom. I've never made a "bucket list" before! I'm a total, fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Making a bucket list sounds way too exhausting!!

2 - I've had the realization that some people put a scary amount of thought and time into their summer plans. Whatever happened to SIMPLIFY!

Hey, I'm just trying to rationalize my own lack of bucket list creativity here.

But seriously, I think I'll just pick five things I know I really want to do this summer and go with that. So, here's my list.

1. Make a backyard sprinkler park! 
I have seen so many great and cheap ideas for making your own with pvc pipe and those little floaty noodles. Oh, I've got plans....

2. Make our own indoor playhouse.
Because let's face it. Sometimes it gets to hot you just need to be inside!! And for those of you who haven't seen those super cute playhouses you make to fit over a card table or pvc pipes, you should totally google it. Because it's awesome.

3. Make our own sidewalk chalk/paint
Okay, so maybe that sounds super lame to you, but I really think the kids would LOVE to make it themselves and go all crazy on the driveway!

4. Make Glow-in-the-Dark Bathwater, and let the kids go "fishing" for all the magnetic letters we have on the fridge.
Because I think that would be cool.

5. Build a car track for the stairs with 1x4's and cardboard. 
I bet it would keep the kids busy for hours. The trick will be to keep them from fighting over turns.


Survive T-Ball
Just sayin'.

So there you have it!!

June Family Challenge: Make a Summer Bucket List
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