Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We are living in a "material world".....

I have written about this before, but I just feel inspired to write about it again. With Christmas being over now, and my kids are starting to complain about not having any toys ( umm.... so not true), and talking with some friends about their kids complaining about needing more toys or video games etc. I felt the need to write about this again. It is something that I am always going to struggle with as a parent. I want to give my children the world. But I NEED them to be good, responsible, charitable people. It is important to me. I love to do service projects with the kids, and I think that helps, but there are times that they just need a reminder, and so do I.
I have talked about this book before.  It is seriously the best book ever for teaching our children about the material world and how blessed we are ! Some of the pictures from the book :
and :
IT is truly a beautiful book. It shows families from all over the world... with all of their material possessions. Now, I wanted to add in this amazing article I found while browsing about teaching my children not to feel so "entitled" it is a definite must read... All Parents Need To Read This!! 10 WAYS TO RAISE KIDS WHO AREN'T ENTITLED Tell me what you think..... how do you teach your children that material things are not what is most important???? Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

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