Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Family Network Challenge 2014 !

I love the New Year! I love the feeling of starting fresh and the push I feel to make new goals for myself and my family. Usually I am so excited about them, but sometimes I get stuck on the 10 pounds I meant to lose last year or the valentines binge that ended my year without sugar (impossible anyways!). For our family challenge this month, we want you to share with us your family goals for the New Year, but we also want you to think about the goals that you don't consciously set but are deliberately choosing to do with your family. I am sure there are so many amazing things you are trying (and succeeding) to do with your family that you're not even consciously aware of. That's right. You are so incredibly amazing and you might not even realize it! Here's a list of awesome family goals you might already be conquering (even if it's just once):
  • Little love notes
  • Playing more as a family
Famiyl Challenge - Goals
  • Reading as a family
  • Going to each other's sporting events or recitals
  • Speaking kind words
  • Serving as a family
Family Challenge - Goals
  • Family dinner together
  • Family game night
  • Keeping the house a little cleaner
  • Family vacation
  • Saving money for a family vacation
  • Calling extending family on birthdays
  • Writing notes to grandparents

Family Challenge - Goals

  • Family prayer
  • Family movie night
So think about all the great things you are doing to build your family, new goals and ones you are already doing, and take a picture of it! We want to see your amazing families this month! So post one or 31 pictures of what goals your family is achieving this year and label it with #familychallenge. We can't wait to see how incredible you are! Brittany @

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