Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Holy Tabbs Review ! Scripture Marking System

** The owner of Holy Tabbs just contacted me and said they wanted to offer our readers a ten percent off coupon code for this week only!!! Isn't that awesome ?? I told you they were super nice! The coupon code is : ldsparent10     Woohoo! Go get you one! You won't regret it! ;) JL~

My son just started seminary this year and my two daughters have been doing great with Scripture study and we decided to start looking around for a good Scripture marking system. I did some research and found

Wow was I impressed! It looked perfect! I contacted the company to get some more info and they were so nice!  According to the website this is what Holy Tabbs is all about :

"HolyTabbs is a carefully designed kit that saves you time marking and finding, so you can spend more time studying and teaching. This kit is an invaluable tool for every member, bishop, seminary student, teacher, and missionary. With HolyTabbs you can organize your favorite scriptures into gospel topics that work with the lessons in Preach My Gospel."

Our tabbs arrived in the mail this week ( really fast shipping by the way!) and we got to work getting them set up in our Scriptures.

They have a great tutorial that shows how to set them up and so we watched that first and got to work! This is a pic of my 11 year old getting her Scriptures set up. She loves it ! I worked on mine last night before bed and I already know it is going to make my Scripture study so much more in depth. It really is everything they say it is ! The booklet that comes with it has over 495 Scripture suggestions for you! That's a lot of Scriptures to "ponderize" ( haha, a little joke from last conference).

Here is the tutorial that they have to show you how to set up your Holy Tabbs.

The reviews are good at my house! The kids and I are completely excited to continue using these in our personal Scripture study, our family Scripture Study and also during seminary. It is so worth it!

Let me know if you have questions! Go visit them at and tell them LDS Parenting sent you! They are great people at the company and they have an excellent product!

Happy Parenting! Love, JL~


Miranda said...

What a great idea! I was just thinking about hopping on Pinterest to look up some scripture study helps. I'm definitely going to check these out. Thanks for sharing!

Bobbie said...

I used a similar system when I taught seminary; and for my own scripture study!

Anonymous said...

OK I know this may sound ridiculous but I have my new Holy Tabbs & I'm really excited to start marking but I don't really understand the color coding system. Yes I have my new PMG & I see that the color sections match but that's when it gets tricky for me. Highlighting the scripture a different color than the tab is a bit confusing to me. Can you help a sister out?