Friday, July 8, 2016

Genie OF THE LAMP!!!!!

This is a post that I wrote to my children on my private blog for them. I thought you guys might like it though . It has some truth about prayer. :) ~ JL

I  went back in time and really thought about how when I was younger I used to pray to Heavenly Father and I used the word "wish" a lot. I would pray and say, " I wish you would help me with this" or maybe " I wish I could be tall and skinny "  etc. But then I learned an important lesson ~ It is better to pray ~ instead of just wish. 

     We all know and love Genie from Aladdin. Oh I wished I had a Genie ! Not just any Genie- him. I love the tv show 'I dream of Jeannie' just as much as anyone else, but no one in the world is Robin Williams' Genie.

      I thought about the fact that I would pray and use the word "wish" so much in my prayers. What was I thinking ???? That Heavenly Father was going to come down from Heaven dressed in a bright blue robe and blink and I would have every "wish" I wanted ???? NO!!! That is not how it works. 

     We don't wish for things to happen. We pray with full intent, being faithful and ask our Father in Heaven if we truly need something and have faith that He will do what is best for us. It may not be what we "wish". It may be waaaay better ! Sometimes it's nothing at all. We have to work hard. 

     Don't just wish for things my sweet babies. Get up and work for them. Pray with faith. Listen for answers and then get up and work hard ! Life isn't handed to you like a Genie granting wishes. Yes, Heavenly Father answers prayers.. you know that. But your job is to not just sit around waiting for a prayer to be answered. Get up and serve ! Work towards the goal ! Follow the plan !!!! You know the rules :) Love, Your Mama 

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