Friday, July 8, 2016

You're a Wizard Harry !

A post I wrote to my children on my private blog for them.... I thought it had some neat truth to it and thought you guys might like it :) ~JL

     Sydney Loren Clare has discovered the magic that is Harry Potter. With just one book she dove in and I don't know when we will see her again! Movies, books, tshirts, posters, necklaces - anything and everything she can get her hands on.... she is lost in that magical world of wizarding. I love it. I love when my kids let their imaginations soar. I was the same way and still am sometimes. I love Harry Potter too! It made me think a lot lately tho. How many times have I wished for a magic wand that would just 'obliviate' bad memories or maybe 'stupefy' someone I didn't like ?? Oh and how cool is it that these kids with their silly hats and long robes and magic wands... could just completely overthrow and kill Voldemort - oh yes I said it !!! I am not a pansy! I will not say " He who must not be named" I SAY VOLDEMORT!!! HAHA!

     Anyway, how cool is it that they can do all of that ???? All they needed was magic in their blood and a magic wand and some cool spells to say. Well guess what. You are magic too. In a different way of course. You have something way more important and powerful in your blood than wizard magic. You have Royal Blood. If you think JK Rowling is amazing for creating Harry Potter... just think - Heavenly Father created JK Rowling :) You see where I'm going here ??? You have the blood. You also have the magic wand. You have Scriptures. They teach you "spells" that make things happen !!! You can fight off your own Voldemorts !

     Memorize Scripture my dear darlings. They are your magic spells. Take your magic wand- The Scriptures and study them well. Memorize Scriptures that will pop into your head just when you need them ! If you are fighting off Voldemort - the devil - use your weapons and your magic. Say that Scripture in your head loud and clear and then say " Get thee hence Satan!" You can do it. You are brave. You have Royal blood. You can do this. No problem.

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