Monday, November 7, 2016

Family Scripture Study - A Fresh Perspective With Fun Resources

     When I was a teenager and even younger, when it was time for early morning Scripture Study - I would moan and groan and sometimes, I'll admit, I even fell asleep ! I cringe now thinking about it. I don't know if I was just a brat or if the whole family was just grumpy and tired so early in the morning, but none of us really seemed to enjoy it. We have the option now to be able to do Family Scripture Study anyway we want to with our own families. How thankful I am for that, because my youngest is a big grump in the early mornings just like I was ! 

     I've written about Family Scripture Study before and I have a label for it here on the blog if you are interested in going back and reading those posts, but I am always looking for fresh perspectives on how we can make it better and more enjoyable. 

     I have a friend who is the Scripture Study expert ! She is a former Seminary teacher and she just really knows how to dig in there and learn and enjoy it while doing it. She did a live video today on Facebook about Scripture Study with the family and I just grinned because I knew that I was writing this post today and I was excited because I had hoped she would let me link to one of her blog posts and now here was this great Facebook Live video! She is a sweetheart so she said yes ! 

     Her name is Becky Edwards and she's the mastermind at Purpose Driven Motherhood and she has some great ideas on her blog about Scripture Study. The link I wanted to use from her is HERE and it has a ton, I mean a TON of great resources and ideas !!!! 

     Another thing that I find that is just amazing is using study guides that are made for families. We personally use two different study guides, depending on what kind of mood we are in :) 

     This one we use when we really want to dig in and spend some time on Scripture Study. It's great for Sundays and just whenever we are really needing that extra Spirit and time with our Scriptures. You can find it at Deseret Book, I believe, or Amazon. 

     This is another book we love! It is a doodle and diagram book and it is full of great insights also. It's so fun for the kids - well who am I kidding ? I love it too! You can purchase it here : HERE
( afilliate link ;) 

     What are some of your tried and true Family Scripture Study ideas and tips ? Let us know in the comments below ! 

Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~ 

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