Saturday, November 12, 2016

How to Make a Mother Daughter Notebook

     My middle daughter who is 14, has autism. She is very high- functioning, but sometimes she needs help just getting her words out there. She has been getting frustrated when she wants to tell me something of a more heart-felt manner, and she can't get the words out that she wants. It was getting incredibly frustrating for both of us, as I would try to jump in and help and that made her more mad!

     I began praying. How could I communicate with this beautiful child of God who wanted so much to just have a heart to heart with her mama ? The answer came to me quickly- this particular daughter absolutely loves to write! I would make us a mother daughter notebook and we could write to each other !

     She was a bit skeptical at first ! But I just told her to get her prettiest pen out and start writing ! Write to mommy and tell me all of the things that you wanted to tell me last night. Then I would read it and write back to her! No one else would read it and if she wanted to tear the pages out and throw them away afterwards she could! I gave her the choice and she was in charge of it.

     Holy cow it worked ! She came to me about ten minutes later with four hastily written pages of her innermost thoughts that she needed me to know. I couldn't believe it. This child is so amazing and her brain is spectacular but she just struggles to get it out vocally. I loved reading her thoughts and responding.

     For about a week, this was a nightly ritual. She had so much to say ! After awhile it became a once a week thing and now we only do it a couple of times a month. Just when she has something she really needs to say, or I will pick a question and write it in there and she answers. It's been such a blessing. I absolutely recommend it to any parent who feels that conversation may be lacking between them and their child ;)

     Here are some questions to get you started :

1-I love you because
2-I am proud of you for
3-What do you dream about
4-What are you afraid of
5-What have you been thinking about lately
6-What would you do if you could do absolutely anything
7-What do you need from me

I'm so excited for you to discover this new way of bonding with your daughter. You can write little snippets here and there in it also- favorite recipe, a little lesson you learned, favorite scripture etc. :) Enjoy! Let me know how it goes ! Happy Parenting ! Love, JL~


Kristen said...

This is beautiful! Such a sweet bonding activity ��

Cole Nemeth said...

This is such a cute idea! I want to do this with my daughter <3