Monday, March 13, 2017

Book Review ~ Changed Through His Grace ~ By Brad Wilcox

I was so excited when DESERET BOOK asked me to review this beautiful book by Brad Wilcox. I knew of Brother Wilcox through his uplifting and fun talks that he has given, mostly to youth, around the world. He is an incredible man ! He first brought up the subject of grace in a talk he gave in 2011 and was later printed in the Ensign. Here is a link you will want to read it too ! DEVOTIONAL BY BRAD WILCOX

The book that Brother Wilcox has written is called ' Changed through His Grace ' and you can purchase it HERE . The theme of the book is Grace. He writes, ' I have seen grace change others. I see it changing me. '

One of the most important things, I personally feel, about this book is that it covers the definition of Grace. I am sad to admit that I did not know what true Grace was. He dedicates an entire chapter to the true definition and just in that first couple of chapters of the book, I was amazed. I was so thrilled to know that Grace is so much more than what I had thought. What a gift ! This quote shows just a small sampling of the definition that Brother Wilcox gives us :

Doesn't that just excite you ? Another thing that Brother Wilcox addresses in just the first couple of chapters is how many other churches and religious groups speak of Grace as a ' get out of jail free card'. He writes,
" Sadly, too many in the world see grace as little more than permission to sin and procrastinate rather than the power to become ' dead to sin '  and  ' born of God '. Too many live like spiritual couch potatoes and still expect God to beam them up when the time comes. "

I am so thankful that this book came in the mail when it did. I always kind of roll my eyes when I see a commercial selling a product and they say things like " this potato peeler changed my life !" We've all seen those silly commercials. But honestly, forgive me for sounding a bit like an infomercial here ~ This book came at a time in my life when I was trying so hard to get answers to prayers on many big things. This book truly did change my life and change my thought process as to how my Father in Heaven truly loves me. Grace is truly a gift ~ But we must learn to accept it ! That is another amazing point that Brother Wilcox writes about. How we want to " pay God back " for all that He has done for us. But He doesn't want us to try and do that... we could never ever do that !! He just wants us to accept his gifts.  " His joy is found in seeing us value His gift. Receiving grace is like receiving a scholarship. It doesn't guarantee learning. It facilitates it. The scholarship donor doesn't want money back. He or she wants it utilized. "

Another thing this incredible book taught me was how to relearn trust in my Savior. Brother Wilcox uses Hymns throughout the book to really teach us. It really resonated with me, as I love music so much and the lyrics to some of the hymns were just perfect for what he was teaching at that moment. It was a joy to go and listen to the hymn after reading through the chapter or section in the book that he had used it with. What a beautiful way to teach and to learn. By music and by the Word. The Scriptures that Brother Wilcox used in the book take on new meanings as you read them and compare them to what he is teaching at the moment. It was really neat to add notes into my Scriptures that have to do with the lessons in this book.

My relationship with my Savior and My Father in Heaven changed while reading this book. I truly felt changed through His Grace. I can't thank Brother Wilcox enough for taking the time and listening to the Spirit as he wrote this book. There are so many parts in the book I have highlighted with a little note in the margin to " show the kids " LOL~ It has been the main part of many of our daily Gospel lessons in my household !

Are you using the correct definition of the word Grace ? Do you accept and utilize the gifts that Heavenly Father has given you ? Do you have the relationship with Christ that you long for ? I encourage you to read this book. It is definitely one of those books where you can honestly say ~ " This changed me life ! " Not only because you read the book, but because you put Grace to work in your life.

You can purchase the book here : DESERET BOOK
You can keep up to date with Brother Brad Wilcox here : BRAD WILCOX

Hymns, no 240 states , " Our God is pleased when we improve His grace... "
I feel that when you read this book, you will learn how to please your Father in Heaven.
I say these things in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.
By JL Kaylor

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