Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Giveaway !!!! ~ End of the Winter Wonderland Blog Week !

     Well, we did it... finally! We are at the last day of our Winter Wonderland Blog Week . I wasn't so sure it was going to happen ! Between kids getting sick and passing kidney stones and everything else... whew ! The week is a little scattered with the first three posts on time, INTERVIEW WITH EYRES ASK IN FAITH JOURNALS and INTERVIEW WITH GARDNER QUAD SQUAD and then THE FAMILY COUNCIL JOURNAL was the next monday and now the final post and giveaway is on a wednesday - but it's done ! HAHA!!!! 

To celebrate we are having a giveaway ! We are giving away an LDS Game Pack from RISE AND SHOUT and then Lion House Brownie Mix and Juniors Giants DVD from DESERET BOOK ! All the things you need for a fun family night ! :)

First off... I need to brag a bit about Rise and Shout ~

We are so excited to present RISE AND SHOUT , a darling Etsy Shop that has printable learning and matching games that are instant downloads and you print them out and cut them and play ! They have games that are for LDS families, their are learning games and more. They have been gracious enough to give away an LDS bundle of ten games ( valued at $35 ) for a lucky reader ! Here is what it includes : 

*LDS Game (great to play standard style for FHE or classes, but also great to help listen to talks. See my blog for details: )
* prophet game (includes all past presidents of church, plus current apostles. Great for learning to recognize names/faces)
* personal progress
* scout
* symbols of Christ (great Sabbath game)
* singing time (as primary chorister, this is a game changer. It has 31 no prep ways to sing. All my primary kids love it - from sunbeams to the 11 year olds)
* baptism (perfect as a baptism gift or 8 is Great favor or to play with 7 year olds prepping for baptism. Also great fro missionaries) 
* Word of Wisdom
* Service
* + one other game of their choice from shop (holiday, educational game)
All of my games are digital downloads that can be printed at home. Most come with 3" & 5" cards. They can be cut into circles or squares. They also come with printable storage/gift boxes. 

Thank you Melanie from RISE AND SHOUT !!! Go visit the store and enjoy !!! 

Next up we are giving away a copy of one of my families favorite movies from DESERET BOOK ~ Junior's Giants II ~ in the movie Junior is fighting a new giant ~ materialism. Mom is addicted to her new hobby scrapbooking, Dad is struggling with his new WIFI connection, Celia is running for class president, and Little Man has learned how to climb ! As always it is hilarious and teaches a lesson ~ plus its super fun for parents to watch too ! 

We are also giving away a box of Lion House Picnic Brownie Mix ~ YUM!!!! You will have everything you need to spend a cozy night together as a family ! 

I'm so thankful that you guys have joined me these past couple of weeks for Winter Wonderland Blog Week ! I hope you enjoyed it ! As always, I beg you to share, comment and enjoy parenting ! 

With Love, JL~ 

Comment below and tell me what your favorite blog post is from LDS Parenting ! ;) Easy Peasy this time for the giveaway ! 

Giveaway ends 2~24~2017 ! 


Unknown said...

Our Family Council Journal ~ With M.Russell Ballard From ~ An Honest Review :) I should start doing a family council, but really do not know where to begin!

No Name said...

Not sure why it says unknown...Carrie Marshall

Jaelle Kaylor said...

one says unknown and then the second comment you became no name Carrie haha!!! Read the talk from M. Russell Ballard that is linked in the post.... it tells you exactly what to do and the blessings that come from it ! It's such a great talk and that is what the journal was inspired by. ;) Love, JL~

Mama Shell said...

The family Council Journal post!!! :)

Crystal said...

I am torn between the Family Council Journal post because I love the idea of a regular family council but it seems so intimidating and the Eyre's post because I love all things Eyre!

Sophia said...

I just found your blog and am
Loving it so far, I really liked the article about making a mother daughter notebook. I am always looking for ways to create a better bond and lasting memories with my daughter. Thanks!

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Thank you for your entry ! It really is such a neat book to record your councils ! ~jl

Kathryn said...

The interview with the Eyres...I LOVE them, and it's how I found your blog. :)

Angela Zundel said...

I really enjoyed the one about the importance of family dinners. Keep up the great work

Jeralyn said...

Just found you! Favorite post so far:
Our family council. Recently spoke on this in church but still have to start them up!!

AZ said...

I like the one about baking with your kids- that is my one on one time with my daughter ever since she was tiny! Just discovered your blog from my sister-in-law's recommendation. Good stuff!

Tom/Tabitha said...

Right now the only post I've seen is this one but I'm definitely checking out the rest! I love seeing my friend Melanie's games on here. We also love Junior's Giants.

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Thanks for stopping by ! Melanie is great isn't she ! And juniors giants is awesome lol ~ my husband and i love it as much as the kiddos do ! :)

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Thanks for stopping by ! Isn't it fun cooking with the kiddos ? Some of my most precious memories is cooking with grandma's and mom and aunts ask together in one kitchen. :)

Jaelle Kaylor said...

That's great ! This journal really is neat and its going to be such a neat thing to pass down :) thanks for stopping by !

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Im glad you stopped by Angela !

Jaelle Kaylor said...

I'm so glad you found us ! Aren't the eyres amazing ?! I look up to them so much. I want to be like them when i grow up ;)

Jaelle Kaylor said...

I'm glad you found us ! The mother daughter journal has been a life line for communicating with my daughter who is autistic. She expresses herself beautifully thru writing but talking In a conversation especially one with emotion is difficult. This way it's quiet , no distractions , and her sweet brain can write how she truly feels. Plus its super fun to make little notes for her to find like i love you and draw little hearts or sometimes a joke or something always makes her smile when she discovers it ;)

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Well the eyres hold regular family councils lol...they call them five facet reviews. They talk about them in their books :) so you're cool haha ! Glad you found us !!!

Jaelle Kaylor said...

Winner Winner chicken dinner mama shell !!! Send me your address using any of the contact info on my blog sidebar ! Or you can email me at : Woohoo !!!!