Friday, July 15, 2011

All the children’s artwork


kids art folder

I love when my babies bring me pictures or art they have made for me. But, in all honesty, I have A LOT of it. If I throw one little thing away, I have hurt their feelings for life, and suddenly, mommy doesn’t love them! So, I have a few little tips. First of all I keep a folder, with the most recent pictures. ( the above pictured  folder) and I keep it on my desk so I can look thru it and they can see it’s there. My next tip….. is I get out my handy dandy digital camera, and we spend some time taking pics of every little thing, the model wax sculptures, the flowers they bring me, the millions of art and coloring pages. Then we upload them all onto the computer in a folder entitled “ my babies the artists “

This is just a couple of ideas. I know some momma’s who keep neat plastic tubs with their kids artwork ( this works good for schoolwork too) etc. There are really cute file folder holder things. I’m sure one of my favorite stores “the container store” has something lol. What do you guys do with all the papers, schoolwork, artwork, etc ?

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